Consigning Artwork with Cowley Abbott

Cowley Abbott follows a responsible and transparent process when providing preliminary valuations of your artwork. By taking into consideration the current auction market for comparable artwork, the value of your work and understanding your requirements, our team can provide you with guidance, recommending the best method for offering your artwork, through live auction, online auction or possible private sale avenues.

  1. Review our artist directory.

    To begin, please review our Artist Directory which provides details of artwork which has been offered through past Cowley Abbott auctions, indicating those artists with current active markets at auction. However, please note that this listing does not represent the exclusive list of artists which could be included in a Cowley Abbott sale and you are therefore welcome to contact our team to see if we can assist with an artist not listed.

  2. Contact our Specialists.

    In order for our specialists to view your artwork, please Contact Us at 416-479-9703 (toll free 866-931-8415) or by e-mail at [email protected]. To submit details and images of your artwork electronically, please visit the Valuation Submissions page.

  3. Receive Preliminary Auction Valuations for your Artwork and Expert Advice from our Specialists.

    Cowley Abbott Specialists will provide you with a preliminary auction valuation for your artwork and review the proposed terms of consignment with our firm. Standard commission rates range between 10% and 50%, based on the auction value of an artwork. Unlike other auction firms, Cowley Abbott's selling commissions are all-inclusive with no additional fees charged to the consignor related to the auction process. There is no charge for on-site insurance, cataloguing listing, or photography when selling with Cowley Abbott. As well, the valuation process is complimentary, confidential and carries absolutely no obligation to proceed with a consignment.

  4. Delivery & Presentation of your Artwork.

    Once a favourable decision has been made to proceed with a consignment, our specialists can provide information and assistance related to the shipment, pick-up, or delivery of your artwork.

    With a dedicated gallery space, your artwork will be displayed in the Cowley Abbott offices in the weeks that lead to each auction. Located in downtown Toronto, across the street from the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Cowley Abbott gallery is an ideal contemporary space to display your artwork. If chosen as a highlight of an upcoming Cowley Abbott auction, your artwork will be featured on our website within ten business days of consignment.

  5. Receive secure payment.

    The entire sale transaction is securely brokered by our firm, allowing both the purchaser and the consignor to remain anonymous with payment to the consignor within 30 business days.

All-Inclusive Consignment Rates

Cowley Abbott offers standard all-inclusive selling commissions with no additional or hidden fees, often encountered within the Canadian auction industry.
  • No insurance fees
  • No storage fees
  • No listing/cataloguing fees
  • No photography fees

Benefits for the Consignor

Sell artwork with the benefit of boutique, personalized service with national reach through semi-annual Live Auctions of Important Canadian Art & monthly, themed Online Auctions which target and cater to prominent and emerging collectors nationally and outside of our borders. 
Artwork featured in our auctions are subject to standard all-inclusive selling commissions without additional services fees that are usually encountered within the Canadian auction industry.

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